Prevented Planting (PP) Cover Crop Relief

Informational Memorandum: MGR-21-004

Widespread weather events such as flooding, excessive rainfall, and drought over recent years have resulted in significant prevented planting claims. Given these extreme weather patterns, the RMA has re-evaluated the interaction between cover crops and the crop insurance program.

Current procedures for cover crops and prevented planting use November 1 as a reference point for when a cover crop may be hayed, grazed, or cut for silage, haylage, or baleage.

For the 2021 and succeeding crop years, the November 1 date has been rescinded. A cover crop planted on acreage claimed as prevented from being planted can be hayed, grazed, or cut for silage, haylage, or baleage at any time without a reduction to the prevented planting payment, provided the insured meets all other policy provisions.