State to impose citrus quarantine in Tulare County


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By Lewis Griswold – The Fresno Bee

Monday, Nov. 19, 2012 | 10:37 PM


A quarantine will take effect in Tulare County next week to thwart a pest threatening the citrus industry, the California Department of Food and Agriculture said Tuesday.

State officials said they’re still determining the size of the quarantine area, something they should settle by next week.

But Dave Cox of Visalia, chairman of the California Association of Nurseries and Garden Centers, said he expects the quarantine zone to be a 20-mile radius around Strathmore, near where the Asian citrus psyllid was found.

The quarantine affecting fruit and nursery trees is being imposed after an adult psyllid was discovered in an insect trap near Strathmore.

The bug can spread citrus greening disease that kills trees.

Oranges and other citrus produce can be moved out of the quarantine zone only if it has been commercially processed, while fruit from backyard trees in the zone must stay on the property, said state Food and Agriculture spokesman Steve Lyle.

Growers in the zone can survive because packinghouses will process fruit for shipment, but the biggest effect is likely to be on nurseries that grow trees for sale to farmers or garden centers. Unless the trees are grown in insect-proof enclosures, they can’t be moved out of the quarantine zone, said Tulare County Agriculture Commissioner Marilyn Kinoshita.

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